Meet Cynthia,

Our People - Cynthia

Cynthia originally hails from San Antonio, TX. After she graduated high school, she served in the U.S. Army for three years. She took her basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, where she was trained as a Medical Specialist. She then was assigned to Fort Riley, Kansas, near Junction City. After an assignment in Germany, she left the Army, and worked first at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington D.C. as a EKG Technician and Phlebotomist. She joined our Sunrise family in June, 2009. Since then, Cynthia has served as the Phlebotomist in the Chantilly, VA office, and also helps out with processing in the lab. Her skill, knowledge, sense of humor, and most of all her compassion have all made her very popular with our patients, and her warm, constant smile is a bright spot in everybody's day.

----Cynthia, Phlebotomist, Employed June 2009


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