Our Work Culture

Our clients appreciate the level of quality and sophistication of our diagnostic services, and yet what truly distinguishes Sunrise Medical Laboratories is our employment climate. We offer all the knowledge, resources, specialties, technologies and diversity of a large company, while maintaining a small company feeling. This special culture is something you'll appreciate-whatever your work location or discipline might be, and whether a career with Sunrise is one of your first professional experiences, or the culmination of your career.

You'll note that the work areas and equipment here are thoroughly sterile, and the atmosphere is anything but. The people are excited, humorous, friendly, welcoming. Their collaboration, sense of purpose and satisfaction are evident.

You see, in this company, it's not just the customers who receive special treatment, it's everyone. We understand those little nuances in life that demand flexibility and compassion of an employer, and strive to meet your changing needs. We do our utmost to reward dedication and to develop and promote talent. The reason we treat people so well is because we know our track record is due in large part to their efforts.