Apex Laboratory will be providing lab services for homebound patients previously served by Sunrise Medical Laboratories.  We will continue to provide laboratory services for all your other patients.

Apex specializes in the needs of homebound patients, and Sunrise has had a long standing relationship with them.  We are confident that Apex will be able to provide you and your homebound patients with timely, quality service.

Apex Laboratory will collect the specimen for your homebound patients, perform the necessary testing that was ordered, and bill the appropriate third party payors.

Please call Apex Laboratory at (631) 753-3900 for your homecare laboratory needs and use the following Apex extensions as your direct contacts:

Jim Early - ext 201
Virginia Cerasuolo - ext 226
Rachel Assenza - ext 121

To request a home care services or to obtain more information, please complete an Apex Home Visit Request Form and fax to this toll free number: 1-877-521-8482.

Thank you for your continued support of Sunrise Medical Laboratories as the provider of your clinical and anatomical pathology laboratory services.